21-Day Trek for Life


On March 17– April 6, 2012, 39 young women––each representing one year of legalized abortion in America––will set out to walk nearly 250 miles of open road for a 21-day trek from the nation's largest Planned Parenthood center, located in Houston, Texas, to the courthouse in Dallas where Roe v Wade was born.

A Young Woman's Account

“They will leave everything behind to embark on this symbolic journey."

They will leave everything behind to embark on this symbolic journey depicting America's tragic path of abortion, taking a radical stand for life as they share their personal stories of how abortion has impacted each of their lives. During this prayer journey, a video documentary team with an Internet channel will stream the walk live, daily featuring a young woman's account of how abortion has affected her life. Some of these women are post-abortive, some are survivors of abortion; others are those who have been stirred by this national calamity and have come to walk for life because of their passion for the issue. Together, these women represent the stand for life in the midst of a culture of death.

A Post Roe v Wade Generation

A purposeful and sacrificial pilgrimage, this prayer walk will create more than cognizance of an entire generation who has not known life without the devastation of abortion. It will summon thousands of hearts across the nation to rally together so that these young voices will be heard.

This Generation's Declaration

It will enable these women, whose voice is the most powerful in this social and ethical power struggle, to confidently and compellingly express what is really only their's to declare: The young women of America want our nation to get BACK TO LIFE!

The Voices

Get to Know the Girls

Prayerfully chosen, each of the 39 is making a strong and personal sacrifice to stand for life and has been personally affected by abortion––whether she's post-abortive, a survivor of abortion or simply passionate about the issue of life. » Read More