39 Women for 39 Years


Back to Life is a young women’s movement fashioned to awaken America’s conscience to the injustices of abortion by amplifying the female voice. Growing at unprecedented levels, the abortion industry has a longstanding, twisted pattern of wounding millions of women. Abortion has killed 54,000,000 fellow Americans, and this issue must be called to national accountability. No longer leaving things to politicians, lawyers or previous generations, our vision as young women is to carry the part of this battle which is ours.

Preemptive Strategy

"As young women, we will carry the part of this battle which is ours."

In response to this corruption, a select group of young women from all over America will undoubtedly capture the nation’s attention as they send a message of sacrifice and commitment to assure the abortion industry and it’s supporters that there are still young women in this nation who believe in the right to life.  We believe that the Lord has given us a preemptive strategy on the cusp of a milestone in American history––the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade––as we engage in a purposeful and sacrificial pilgrimage between two key national abortion landmarks across Texas, focusing on a time when our country once protected life. 

The Fight For Life

The fight for life in America has existed longer than these young women's lives. It’s fueled legislation, roused heated debates, and continues to divide our country.  Rather than be overwhelmed against the mammoth injustice of abortion, Back to Life creates opportunities for the voices of these young women to be heard. They are lodged in the middle of a tug of war; 58% of total abortions in our nation are from the demographic of 20-something women; the abortion industry is specifically targeting them, and they are responding by sending a message of life in their generation.

Why The Walk?

We live in a time in which millions walk for causes such as cancer, Alzheimer's or hunger. Why have millions worldwide rallied for the simple task of stepping in stride for such causes? In such a unique and inexplicable way, walking for a purpose unites souls and hearts in a common cause––both emotionally and physically––to exert themselves for a belief beyond themselves.  How much more worthy a cause is there than the cause of LIFE?  It's what Christ Himself gave His very own LIFE for, so that we may have LIFE.

Strategically more than just a walk for a cause, this 21-day walk has a resolute aim of prayer and promise. Believing Joshua 1:3, we will fervently pray with every footstep between these two key abortion landmarks across Texas believing that, as God promised Moses and Joshua, "every place on which the sole of our foot treads" shall be ours once again. As we actively make Joshua 1:3 come alive––literally with the soles of our feet––we are trusting that God will honor our obedience and the faith of the thousands of souls that will be joining us in prayer for the cause of life.

Oh, To See The Day!

Such a bold and courageous strive towards representing life will only build in momentum as the nation catches the vision and these women become wise to the tactics of death. Ultimately, it will be millions of Americans tirelessly working together to see the day when our country once again upholds the words which marked its beginning:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

More about the Walk

We're Walking!

On March 17th - April 6, 2012, 39 young women––each signifying a year of legalized abortion in America––will set out on foot across nearly 250 miles of open road for a 21-day trek across Texas... » Read More

Founder's Story


"Carrying a mandate to encourage her generation to a higher standard."

Laura has had the honor of preaching in over a dozen nations. In 2004 she founded Standard Bearers International and Captured Ministries which are reaching this emerging generation with a message of holiness, purity and passion. Laura and her husband Gabriel, who serves as the worship leader at Christ For The Nations Institute live in Dallas, Texas.