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Focus on the Family

A girl in her preteens sat journaling among thousands of tiny white crosses on the lawn of Herman Park in Houston during the mid-1980s. The girl had come to visit this Cemetery of the Innocents with her Sunday school teacher and one other girl. Although she already believed in the sanctity of human life, that day the call to battle abortion became a personal burden for her.

The young girl confided in her journal about the grief she felt.  Millions of lives had been lost since the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 ruled that preborn children could be aborted during any point of pregnancy. Were friends missing from her life because of Roe v. Wade? Two things were certain when she left the park that day: She was passionate to protect the sanctity of human life and frustrated that she didn’t know what to do about it.


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Christ For The Nations

Today, in our nation, approximately 4,000 of our fellow Americans will be murdered. In truth, these lives will be sacrificed … not for the sake of our nation’s freedom, not for a noble cause, but to the “god of convenience”. This will happen every day until Roe v. Wade, the case that legalized abortion 39 years ago this month is overturned. I believe there will be a day when this law that has been in place for my entire lifetime will be overturned. I have always “known” abortion was wrong. I voted only for pro-life candidates, but that was about the extent of my involvement. Over time, my own heart began to grow dull on the issue. Without even knowing—I had grown so familiar with this practice that there was an underlying thought in my heart, “Would it ever be any different?”

Does it seem impossible to you? Does it seem that our nation will never again know the day that abortion is illegal? It did to me, until 2000.


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