Back To Life - The Journey


Back to Life is a young women's movement designed to awaken America's conscience to the injustices of abortion by amplifying the female voice.

Thirty nine women, each one representing one year of legalized abortion in America, an entire generation touched by heartache and destruction, will walk 250 miles of open road back to where it all began. They will walk in remembrance of God’s goodness and restoration in their lives, forging a trail of repentance on behalf of America. Bearing in intercession the grief and pain of millions of women who have been scarred through post abortion trauma, guilt and sorrow. This is the American women’s trail of tears.

Calling This Nation Back To Life

March 17, 2012 marks the beginning of the end. The nations largest abortion clinic in Houston, Texas is where the journey is set to begin. We're breaking through the darkness of this issue and bringing it to light. We're calling this nation Back To Life.